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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 22:01:26 BST 2010

Most of the bridges on the Princes Highway and the Kings Highway between
Narooma and Queanbeyan have blue stakes at both ends, which have a four
digit white number on them.  I think that these are bridge numbers.

Certainly four digits is (I think) the ideal number of digits for a number
that needs to be read and recalled in a stressful situation. (I wonder if
there are any studies on this?)

However there are likely more than 9999 bridges in NSW so maybe only bridges
on major highways (where serious crashes are most likely to occurr) have
their numbers displayed, or maybe there are different colours for different
areas, or maybe some blue stakes have five digit numbers on them.

Actually, having thought about all this, I have just found


which shows that there are standards about where to display bridge name
plates and number plates. They also show examples of bridges numbers like
B2345 and even B10345.

Interestingly N.S.W displays name/number plates on the exit to the bridge
whereas the A.C.T usually displays them on the entry to the bridge.  The NSW
standard seems better for single bridges but seems worse for double bridges
where in times of a car crash, you may need to either go to the other end of
the bridge to see the number plate or cross over to the other bridge to
reads its number plate. (This relies on my assumtion that more serious
crashes on bridges will happen near the entry point rather than the exit

The "blue stakes" I've seen near the end of the bridge are on the entry
point side (not exit) and thus don't follow the standard positioning for
name/number plates.  I've never yet seen a number plate on a bridge although
most older major bridges have name plates (usually with DMR and a date) on

Ok - so after all this, I have a question.
Can any N.S.W OSMers let me know if thay see any bridge number-plates or
number-stakes either on or near the ends of bridges in N.S.W?
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