[talk-au] N.S.W Bridges

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 13:00:15 BST 2010

"Found one today, cycling at lunchtime, pulled the oregon 550 off the
handlebars and took its photo with gloved hands

There are marker signs at both ends of the bridge, and they look very

The four that I stopped to photograph on the Princes Highway were

7367  150.10532  -36.00975   Coila Creek
9192  150.06668  -36.05189   Trunetabella
5970  150.09641  -36.15696   Mummumuga Lake
7894  150.06873  -36.32576   Bobundara Creek

They can't be distance markers and really do look like bridge numbers and
all looked new, some VERY new.
However being on the approach end and not on the bridge itself and not
beginning with a B letter, they are completely at odds with the RTA manual.

However unless we find duplicate numbers on blue stakes in NSW it matters
nought since they will serve the purpose of location identifies nicely.
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