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David Murn davey at incanberra.com.au
Thu Apr 7 03:57:43 BST 2011

On Thu, 2011-04-07 at 03:19 +0100, Grant Slater wrote:
> >
> > For clarity: (according to odbl.de)
> > In Australia:

> For pete's sake! Stop making up blatantly untrue stuff.
> Those are likely the precentages if we moved *today* without even
> formally contacting/emailing anyone.

I never made anything up.  The closest I came to 'making up' was being
creative with the summary of 3 relevant regions and rounding the numbers
up.  The figures I quoted came from the URL I gave, and anyone is
welcome to research this themselves.  The webpage suggests that these
are the accurate percentages (with upto 1 week delay).

> > It is fairly clear that the Australian issue has very little value to
> > those in Europe in control of the project at the moment.  The fact that
> > the number of users lost is in the same ballpark while the amount of
> > data lost is significantly higher in our part of the world, seems to
> > show the regions and the users whos interests they are looking out for.
> Please stop making grossly untrue statements.

What is untrue?  Again, I only summarised what the statistics show.  The
fact that these statistics go against the ODbL propoganda, doesnt make
them grossly untrue, it just makes them at odds with what some may
believe.  If you have figures for Australia which disprove the numbers
on odbl.de then feel free to use them and cite your source, if you cant
disprove the numbers and simply feel that theyre grossly untrue, then
maybe you need to comprehend the statistics better.

If the Australian issue is so important, as others have suggested why
isnt OSMF seeking to make a rapid agreement with NearMap as was done
with Bing?


> >> > - Once a contributor has Accepted/Declined the new terms, they may
> >> > continue editting normally.  Even if they decline, they may continue
> >> > editting normally until and if Phase 4 kicks in.
> >
> > Maybe I missed the announcement, but is there now an option to record
> > that you decline the licence?
> >
> Read the original mail that Mike posted to the DEV mailinglist... it
> is about planning the changes to the editor software before main
> announcements.

As far as I could tell, this email to the dev list is for what happens
if people have chosen to decline the licence.  The last Id heard, it was
not possible to decline the licence, only to accept it.

The issue of accepting/declining the licence is what Im talking about
here, not the issue of what to do in the future if someone has declined
(if such a mechanism is put in place).


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