[talk-au] How to tag reaches (segments of a waterway)?

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at billiau.net
Sun Apr 10 04:54:53 BST 2011

On Sun, 10 Apr 2011 13:23:57 +1000
{withheld} <Pheasant.Coucal at gmail.com> wrote:

> Bearing in mind "reach" is also the nautical term for a tack, is it
> worth considering Andrew's source map might be documenting the lines
> of sailing between navigation markers (or indeed landmarks) which are
> no longer even well-known? [Disclaimer: I-am-not-a-sailor.] They may
> not even document current-day navigation channels, if that part of
> the river required dredging to keep such open in the past.
> In other words I am wondering whether it might be best to add the new
> names completely independently of both the waterway and the
> administrative boundary. Maybe create a tag like
> "waterway:navigation", perhaps for the new feature, perhaps?
> Justification for independence: these things are straight segments
> which rationalise a natural (i.e. curved) waterway for boating
> purposes... therefore are not the waterway itself. Similar argument
> for them not being the administrative layer (although they might be -
> can this be checked in any way?)
> My 2c.

Stuck in my mind is "Madmen's Bend" at Hay, which refers to a part of
the river, and it is not a /reach/, but also warrants its name
recording as the sign nearby is recording the name.

Have we got some other word for the smaller part of the waterway?

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