[talk-au] OSM-F seems to be a sinking ship... (was: Wiki + Data Sources + Licensing Categories)

Franc Carter franc.carter at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 14:19:57 BST 2011

> It's starting to become painfully obvious that OSM-F wouldn't be able
> to organise a piss up in a brewery, and there seems to be little or no
> chance  that they can actually pull off the license change over in
> some kind of demotactic, moral and smooth change over so I'm basically
> writing them off for all future edits as a complete waste of time.
> A couple of us are toying about with what to do next, fosm.org seems
> the most suitable at present since the idea is to continue on with
> CC-by-SA licenses, although there is still debate over which CC-by-SA
> license due to issues with the European Database Directive, but that
> doesn't have any effect on us in Australia until and unless the
> Australian government decides to do something similar if Telstra et al
> push now that copyright doesn't protect their data.
> What do others think, or have planned if OSM-F keeps heading into the
> lost cause territory?
I am just starting to investigate/think-about this - I will be looking for
something that stays close to the current license. Apart from the
legal/ethical issues my biggest concern is compatibility with NearMap and
Australian government data.


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