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This sums up me too. After years of mapping in Australia (when I  
started in Tasmania the map was literally blank) the threat of data  
deletion is the most de-motivating thing ever. I have used nearmap so  
I am of the understanding I CAN'T accept the terms. I also agree that  
many who accept probably have no idea of the legal issues and will be  
creating tainted data.

I am waiting for an outcome and hoping for the best but the longer I  
wait the the more de-motivated I become and the community has  
certainly lost momentum. There is no incentive to keep mapping while  
there is a chance all of your work will be deleted in the future.

Like Michael sometimes I can't help myself and do some more mapping,  
but it still feels futile.


On 07/04/2011, at 10:57 PM, Michael Hampson wrote:
> I hear you Liz and All Blokes, it is sad. Really tried to ignore the  
> politics as I just wanted to map things to help out the local  
> community and since I heard about the changes I have almost given  
> up. Now I only map when I can't help myself.
> Might be time to retire from my mapping and let someone else do the  
> Empires work!!
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