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Neal Schulz neal.schulz at internode.on.net
Mon Apr 11 22:47:27 BST 2011

Hi Nick,

But where is the incentive to do this? Why would I keep contributing  
to a project that thinks it is OK to delete their contributers data? I  
know they haven't deleted my data yet but it is on the table. The fact  
that it is on the table means there is no incentive to keep  
contributing to the project.

The only thing that gives me hope is that all the current data can be  
forked into a new project and I can follow my data there. It is safer  
to wait for the dust to settle before investing effort that might go  
to waste if this doesn't happen.


On 11/04/2011, at 1:45 PM, Nick Hocking wrote:

> Neal wrote  "This sums up me too."
> Hi Neal,
> If you do want do do some mapping then there is still a way to do it.
> Create a new account, accept the CT's and then....
> If you want to do some survey mapping, just be careful not to work  
> on areas that have been mapped or touched by OSMers
> who have stated that they will never accept either the OSM CT or  
> licence change.
> If you want to do some mapping from home, then BING imagery is  
> usually more than adequete and is and will continue to
> be OSM comliant. This way your efforts will not be in vain whether  
> you stay with OSM, or branch off to another project.
> Cheers
> Nick
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