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Subject: [OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap License Change Phase 3 Pre-Announcement
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This is to let you know the license change process is moving to Phase
3 [1] very shortly. When we are sure of the date we will make a formal
announcement on this and other lists.

If you are a contributor who registered on or after 12th May 2010 or
who has taken part in our voluntary re-licensing program, this does
not affect you.

If you were a contributor before this date and have not accepted yet,
you will be asked to accept or decline the new terms.  You can find
background information about this on the main wiki page [2]. If you
use an off-line editor like JOSM, you will need to manually login to
click the buttons. Even if you choose to decline the new terms, you
will still be able to continue editing.

If you are a user of OpenStreetMap data, this does not affect you.
OpenStreetMap data continues to be licensed only under CC-BY-SA and
this will continue until we reach a critical mass of acceptance of the
new license.

You can see up-to-date OpenStreetMap ODbL acceptance by region at any
time by going to http://odbl.de . See "world" for the global picture.

As part of the process, the legal wording of the Contributor Terms has
been improved [3] on the basis of community feedback received and to
make them more friendly to individual contributors. The human-readable
version of the Contributor Terms is unchanged [4].

Michael Collinson
License Working Group

[1] More about Phase 3:


[2] "Find out more about OpenStreetMap's upcoming license change" link:

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org or directly at

[3] The revised contributor terms showing exactly what has been changed:


[4] The human-readable version of the Contributor Terms remains the same:


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