[talk-au] Recommendations for iPhone track logging

John Berkers berjo at ozemail.com.au
Sun Apr 24 02:07:40 BST 2011


I've used an App called RunKeeper, which records the route, and
auto-uploads to the RunKeeper site, from there they have an export to GPX.
 The thing I like about RunKeeper is that you can also take photos, etc
(of street signs, features, etc), and it will display them on the
RunKeeper site.

Since RunKeeper displays the route laid over Google Maps, you will want to
switch to Satelite view, without labels, to avoid including details from

I've used it mostly to collect street names and the like near my area. 
There are lots of residential streets mapped (presumably arm-chair
mapping), but no names.

I've also used OSM Track, which is good for displaying the parts of the
map that are there.  You do not need to be on-line as you pre-populate its
database with OSM objects before heading out.

Ultimately, the best thing is to try out the available options, and find
out what works best for you.


John Berkers

> Hi.
> Does anyone have any recommendations for an iPhone app that can record
> track
> logs easily? (with a view to uploading them to OSM)
> I'm looking for something to recommend to people who might be able to
> collect data in unmapped areas. Being able to display a map is not so
> important, as this will be mostly in areas that are not mapped, although
> being able to display the map as it takes shape might be good.
> Something like OSMTrack looks like it will do the job.
> http://www.osm4iphone.com/ Has anyone used this? Is there something else
> that is better?
> As this may be in out-of-the-way places, the ability to work without an
> internet connection would be good.
>  - Ben Kelley.
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John Berkers

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