[talk-au] Recommendations for iPhone track logging

Diego Molla-Aliod diego.molla-aliod at mq.edu.au
Mon Apr 25 05:35:01 BST 2011

My favourite app to record tracks is everytrail. It has a free version
that lets you record tracks and add photos and waypoints. The recorded
tracks are saved in your personal space at everytrail.com and it's
very easy to get a gpx file from there.

By default, everytrail uses Google maps but you can change the view to
cloudmade (select the "street" map at the "options" menu),
opencyclemap (select the "terrain" map), and others.


> Does anyone have any recommendations for an iPhone app that can record track
> logs easily? (with a view to uploading them to OSM)
> I'm looking for something to recommend to people who might be able to
> collect data in unmapped areas. Being able to display a map is not so
> important, as this will be mostly in areas that are not mapped, although
> being able to display the map as it takes shape might be good.
> Something like OSMTrack looks like it will do the job.
> http://www.osm4iphone.com/ Has anyone used this? Is there something else
> that is better?
> As this may be in out-of-the-way places, the ability to work without an
> internet connection would be good.


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