[talk-au] Tragedy of the commons...

4x4falcon info at 4x4falcon.com
Mon Apr 25 08:49:17 BST 2011

On 24/04/11 19:54, John Smith wrote:
> Once upon a time it used to be almost a race to map out new areas from
> Nearmap coverage, now whole areas of coverage go untouched for months
> or longer...

Even from bing there is not much activity.

> What was once a source of pride in the community can now only be
> described as a 'tragedy of the commons' now that the death knell is
> being tolled on the OSM-F...
> I have restarted mapping in earnest, but uploading to fosm.org, I'd
> forgotten how enjoyable it was just to get on and map large areas that
> are blank and to make the map slightly more complete, knowing that I
> wasn't wasting my time to only have my edits reverted later.
I've taken the opposite approach, I'm still adding to osm from nearmap, 
gps and bing as those edits will go into fosm.org as fosm is doing 
minutely updates from osm.

When we are locked out completely and all my edits are removed from osm 
they will still be in fosm without duplication and I will they start 
adding to fosm then.


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