[talk-au] Trolls

David Murn davey at incanberra.com.au
Sat Apr 30 15:36:20 BST 2011

On Sat, 2011-04-30 at 20:09 +1000, Nick Hocking wrote:
>  David Murn stated ....
> "If anyone is interested, I can provide the simple C code I used to
> generate these numbers and/or a list of usernames/uids that are
> involved."
> Well. you'd be a right piece of work then.....
> Right, get Nearmap to sue every OSMer in sight,   that'd be real
> clever of them.
> Hang on.. maybe you were just tyring to outdo the other two aus-trolls
> in  dispiciality inh wich case, congratulations... I believe that you
> have just taken a narrow lead.

Im not sure what youre suggesting.  NearMap has no interest in suing
anyone, least of all OSM users since OSM is still under a compatible
licence.  What I was 'trying to do' was to point out that there needs to
be a lot more care taken when asking users to relicence the data, and
that the users whos names I could list should be taken off the list of
those accepting the ODbL and CTs.
> PS - tomorrow I will find out all the ways in Canberra  that I had to
> fix  using nearmap, and replace them using compliant Bing imagery"

Make sure you also survey those roads then so you can replace the tags
you delete while replacing the ways.  If you delete a road which is
tagged as maxspeed=60 and re-trace it from bing, youd better go survey
it in person and re-add all the data youre removing, otherwise YOU are
the one causing problems to the project.  At the very least, can I ask
that if youre going to trace from bing, that you keep an eye on the
imagery alignment as in some parts of Canberra I have found the imagery
to be upto 100m offset.

One might almost consider your efforts vandalism, and a complete waste
of time and effort when you could be tracing areas that arent mapped,
and if you really want to replace all the work others have done, then at
least wait until it has been removed (if it is removed) in future.


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