[talk-au] Maxspeed bots

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 03:25:39 GMT 2011

Ben wrote
"The content of these edits is in the public domain (I.e. the default
residential speed limit in Australia) and these edits could be "re-edited"
by an actual bot. Given that these edits are easy to identify, and the
large number of ways, this might be a useful exercise. It would give us a
clearer in terms of knowing which ways are really in need of re-mapping.

Hi Ben,

I agree completely. However we can't just re-edit the bots work since it
would still
leave a ct_decliner userid in the history chain.

Therefore I think that DWG (only they have the access),  should just alter
the changesets of the bots
and any histories kept to other new userids that are marked as anonymoue ct

Then we can see what needs remapping and if further down the track we need
to remove the bots work,
well it can still be doneat that time.

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