[talk-au] Thoughts on co-ordinating re-mapping

El Segundo Can't win el_segundo_cant_win at yahoo.com.au
Fri Dec 2 04:47:18 GMT 2011

It would be my guess that Australia has the highest non-CT compliant data to active mapper ratio in the world, even if we ignore the ABS2006 import. I also reckon it's likely that there's a lot of people in other countries that would be willing to help out.
I would also guess that most Australian mappers could easily find way more stuff to re-map than they could ever get around to.
There are two types of re-mapping - on the ground re-mapping, and desktop re-mapping. On the ground re-mapping would sensibly be co-ordinated on the talk list, but to get a wider audience I think there needs to be another mechanism.
I think probably a forum (which could be advertised via diary entries).
People could ask for help on the forum like
"The township of Outer Barcoo was traced by a CT rejector and needs re-mapping. There are a number of street names and maxspeed details that were added by user XYZ who accepted the conditions. These details can be safely added to newly traced roads. If you find other users edits please check their licence status before copying across."
Then someone could respond claiming it, and then again when the work is done.
Does anybody else think this is a reasonable idea? Does it scare anyone?
It shouldn't be hard to implement. There is already a (poorly used) forum http://forum.openstreetmap.org/ all it would need is a new top level category and a bit of promotion.
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