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I've looked on the dev list http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/dev/2011-November/date.html and while programming speak is pretty opaque to me, I can't see any reference to these cool tools you mentioned. I'll take your word on it though.
Does anyone have any links to any of these tools (or discussion thereof) that would assist with remapping?

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On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 9:09 PM, El Segundo Can't win
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> Late to the conversation but......
> First up, from people have said, what cc-cleaner is doing is shocking
> vandalism, whether they intend it or not.

I'm disappointed by deletions without remapping.  One way to defeat
that is by remapping where we see it.

> In a worst case scenario, all non-CT compliant information will be expunged
> on 1st April. There is no need to delete it (especially manually) before
> this date. If it’s not being replaced there is absolutely no benefit in
> doing so.

I expect that it will be before April.

> Second up, while (quality) re-mapping is the bees knees of replacing non-CT
> compliant data and I would consider it a preferred option, we’re never going
> to re-map it all by 1st April. We might re-map most, with any luck, but not
> all.

There is a lot of remapping going on from the looks of it. Some of it
is incidental, and just part of everyday mapping; old stuff goes away.

> Hence, we’re going to need some smart algorithms to deal with what’s left.
> Is there a working group on this or a mailing list? Perhaps Richard W would
> know?

The community in general is working on tools.  You'll see them in
discussion on the dev list and #osm-dev irc.  There are tools to
detect object that need remapping, tools to see what was edited by
decliners, and now even tools to evaluate edits for significance.  As
always in the OSM community, a small list of prolific developers do a
lot of the work.  Additional contributors are always welcome.

> In my opinion I think Mark P.’s suggestion is good and something similar to
> that would be what ends up happening

That's worth discussing on legal-talk.  The process and details need
to work for all of OSM.

> I also think there is a need for stepped approach, combining algorithms with
> re-mapping. A first pass algorithm to clear the map of trivial edits would
> make re-mapping a lot easier. The bot-added maxspeed tags colour an awful
> lot of the map light red.

There is also the question of whether bots have rights.  Also for
legal-talk.  :-)

> There also needs to be a central clearing point – a mailing list or wiki –
> to either contribute locations that need re-mapping or to volunteer to
> re-map some.

There are some great tools that re not quite out of beta yet and they
will help.  Talking about remapping specific places seems an ideal
topic for a country list though.  Anybody up for a trip to fix Cobar?

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