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Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Sat Dec 10 21:35:48 GMT 2011

Peter Watson <peter.bmwk75rt at gmail.com> wrote:
> I live on a "residential street" that has a 60km/h speed limit and so
> this street is not tagged as a residential street.

Do you agree that it should be tagged residential despite the 60km/h
speed limit?

> It is used as at short cut for people in ajoining suburbs.

So should it be tertiary?

> I partly came to this view
> because rural roads were being wrongly tagged with 50km/h speed limits which
> they rarely are.

The 50km/h speed limit tag was done by a bot, it's often inaccurate and
should be disregarded and/or corrected in these cases. Don't let the
50km/h tag influence your considerations on whether to tag a road
residential or not.

> I have been looking around my suburb but there are no 50km/
> h signs either so can be tricky to know, especially if tracing.

In the ACT 50km/h is the default if there are no signs. NSW posts "50
km/h area" signs around the place to cover all roads within that area.
Not sure about other states that I rarely visit. In any case, you're
right that it's hard to know without some local presence.
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