[talk-au] Remapping Sydney's railways

Ben Johnson tangararama at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 04:16:01 GMT 2011

Just a heads up... I've started remapping Sydney's railway lines,  
given about 80% of them are marked to be wiped.

I am a CityRail train driver and regularly travel over most of these  
train lines and have intimate knowledge of them - including track  
direction, electrification details, location of points, names of  
tracks and sidings, speeds, etc.. and I also do a lot of GPS traces  
while driving trains.  I don't mind undertaking this task, and once  
complete I'll add the passenger route relations.

At this stage I'll stick with what I know best - i.e. the Sydney  
suburban area bounded by Berowra, Bondi Junction, Cronulla, Waterfall,  
Macarthur, Emu Plains and Richmond. My focus will be on the actual  
train tracks first.

Thought I'd let the community know, so that others may concentrate  
their efforts on remapping other priority stuff - and I guess it makes  
sense to start with things you know the most about.

I just want to add, that I think the original v1 creator of Sydney's  
railways (JohnSmith) had done a fantastic job, and I had shown a few  
people at RailCorp who were very impressed with the level of detail -  
so I want it on record that I take no pleasure in having to delete and  
remap his fantastic work, but I guess it's time to bunker down because  
it just has to be done.


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