[talk-au] Remapping Sydney's railways

Ben Johnson tangararama at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 07:37:54 GMT 2011

Okay just an update on this, and coming across some issues that will  
affect anyone trying to salvage so-called 'good' nodes..

I'm working on a section now... I see about 90% of the nodes along  
this way are 'red'... so let's delete them and try to salvage some  
good nodes. Now we're left with a small number of nodes... but hang  
on... these are all yellow (i.e. possible data loss). Look at the  
history of them... they all have revisions by CT-decliners - and so  
far, the revisions all are changes to their coordinates.

So do I leave these partly-good yellow nodes, thus allowing them to  
revert back to an unpredictable location in the future?

I have not yet come across a 'clean' node in the area I'm working on,  
not to mention the amount of time it takes to investigate each node  
and the reason why it's yellow. It's really not practical for a  
railway system with 100's of km of track that will contain thousands  
of nodes.

There are some sections of track in Sydney which are probably clean,  
so I'll obviously leave these - but for the sake of efficiency, it's  
definitely not practical to check the version history of every yellow  
node during this remap exercise.


On 23/12/2011, at 5:45 PM, Ross Scanlon wrote:

> The nodes would be fine if not from a ct-declining contributor.  If  
> not then they need to be replaced.
> Cheers
> Ross
> On 23/12/11 14:31, Ben Johnson wrote:
>> Thanks Ben that's a great idea. I'll keep whatever nodes I can and
>> extrapolate from there.
>> I really didn't want this raising old wounds, nor do I want people
>> dwelling on it. I was just letting the community know that someone  
>> (i.e.
>> me) is working on this particular piece of infrastructure, so that
>> hopefully others will start rebuilding other stuff. There are  
>> plenty of
>> things needing attention.
>> Does it make sense to come up with a priority list of targets to  
>> remap?
>> I'm thinking coastlines, lakes, islands, waterways, major road,  
>> rail, etc..
>> I reckon most "Joe-Blow" contributors in Australia are blissfully
>> unaware of the various license inspector tools available and the  
>> actions
>> needed to be taken. How do we wake them up?
>> BJ
>> On 23/12/2011, at 9:56 AM, Ben Kelley wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> Many rail lines in Sydney would be traced from nearmap. Unless you
>>> have a survey grade GPS the existing points are probably more
>>> accurate. We can keep points mapped from nearmap even if we recreate
>>> the ways. (I haven't checked to see if the nodes are CT-OK - hoping
>>> they are. )
>>> - Ben.
>>> Ben Kelley
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