[talk-au] Removing ABS data

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 07:23:25 GMT 2011

Ben wrote

"I'm particularly worried about large slabs of coastline disappearing."


I'm avoiding touching the coastline since it does not get in my way for
remapping roads and since I don't want
to "flood" all of australia :-).

I'll have a pretend delete session of ABS ways near coastlines tonight to
see if it is easy to avoid the
coastline. If not we'll have to split the way near the coast to isolate it
from the coast before deleting it.

I know for a fact that Frederick would love to be the one to finally get
rid of that coastline and put a
previous clean version in its place (which we could then improve from
imagery over time).

What I'm doing is deleting all the unedited ABS data (author is still
ABS_2006) from an area which I will soon
be cleaning. Then I wait for the OSM_inspector to remove their red
dots/lines then I'm ready to work on that
Any boundary data left in the area I try to recover clean tags from
acceptors history and remap from imagery
if available.  If I can't then I just leave it for others or for the April
rinse down.


PS don't worry about the broken boundary multipoligon relations, they can
be removed holus-bolus any time later.
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