[talk-au] Looks like Nearmap is gone from JOSM slippymap plugin

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 03:44:47 GMT 2011

On 15 January 2011 13:29, Ben Last <ben.last at nearmap.com> wrote:
> The URL format is pretty much Google-compatible, and there's also the format
> that was added for Potlatch (with the three ! characters).
> See http://forum.nearmap.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=751&p=1262&hilit=url+format#p1262

Might be google compatible, but the only URL format I've been able to
make work in JOSM is what I replied with in that thread:


I currently use the following URL to make it work:


Then in lighttpd.conf I have:

url.redirect                    +=
("^/nearmap-tiles/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)\.(.*)$" =>
"http://www.nearmap.com/maps/nml=Vert&x=$2&y=$3&z=$1" )
url.redirect                    +=
("^/nearmap-date/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)\.(.*)$" =>
"http://www.nearmap.com/maps/nmd=$1&nml=Vert&x=$3&y=$4&z=$2" )

The apache equivalent is on the wiki still:


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