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Thu Jan 20 07:22:30 GMT 2011

On 20/01/11 17:51, edodd at billiau.net wrote:
>> As an aside, as large and as remote in parts of Australia are, I'd be
>> surprised if you could put your finger on a way that will never be
>> touched again, either by on the ground survey, or by aerial
>> photography review.  If you'd care to name one, I'd be happy to place
>> a wager!
>> Ian.
> I don´t gamble, a religious objection.
> However I have been to quite a number of places that no-one is expected to
> go to again. We´ve turned off the beaten track to map some odd spots just
> for OSM, to get that last bit of data, and we have no intention of
> returning. These places have landsat as the best aerial imagery available
> in Jan 2011, so don´t expect to see any aerial imagery used as an update.
> Secondly my son doing mineral exploration has been to a number of spots to
> which no-one will return - places where they found nothing under the
> ground.
> I´m not naming any - making a list will make people deliberately make sure
> they get that last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
> You can check the diffs between the CC-by-SA data and the ODbL data when
> the new set exists and work out how long it takes to get the data.

Thank you Liz for responding to this profitless debate in exactly the
manner I wish I was smart enough to do so!

Victorian Coastline notwithstanding guys, please remember the data under
discussion is the ABS2006 set. It seems to have largely followed
physical boundaries; but not quite always. It seems to have followed
suburb boundaries; but not quite always. See the pattern yet? I have
found cases of the boundaries following roads which closed prior to the
1920s. And rivers which since have flooded and cut across old loops in
the 1970s. And will be wildly wrong next year after the recent floods.
That last is a realistic betting proposal for you!

And don't forget the 2006 date. Drawn up by statisticians for data
collection boundaries. So if anything it follows anticipated population
contours, so why is anybody trusting it at all?

Answer, because sometimes it is the best thing available. Equally it
should not be wilfully overwritten as it does not ever represent the
thing the updater thinks it does. The only valid update agent can only
be a future ABS release. So you are both right. And both wrong. For
reasons you haven't even seemed to have considered!

And in any case what else seriously uses the admin_level tag in a
conflicting sense? If anything does a new tag should be introduced,
otherwise what are they for? Renders be buggered. They can/should be
fixed, our aim is data capture not pretty-printing, YES?

Special note to Ian Sergeant: Stop arguing with John Smith. You will not
outlast him. You are making a fool of yourself. You are starting to look
like an immature jerk. At least keep a minimum of dignity.

	Rant OFF.

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