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I would phrase it that the vast majority aren't lawyers and don't want to become one, therefore don't know the implications of the problems with cc. That is all this is predicated upon, lawyers say that cc doesn't work for data. If they didn't say that then we would never have gone down this road.

I guess for your second paragraph - there are objections to the CTs but we are at a point where I believe there would be objections to however the CTs turned out. They're as reasonable a balance as we can make, I think.

The next step is to switch, and then if and when CC 4 comes out and is applicable to data then it's a simple process to change to that. Of course, in theory its a simple to change to switch from our current cc to the future one, but then we have this big gap where it doesn't apply.



On Jul 7, 2011, at 20:41, James Livingston <lists at sunsetutopia.com> wrote:

> On 8 July 2011 13:26, SteveC <steve at asklater.com> wrote:
> The vast majority of people are happy with where we are at
> From what I've read on ML posts, and from what was reported about the last SotM meeting (I wasn't there), the vast majority of people don't care and would be happy with the status quo, would be happy with CTs+OdBL, and quite a decent fraction would be happy with PD too. I'm  not saying that the anti-ODbL group is larger than the pro-ODbL one, but that most people are neutral and will go with whatever happens.
> and now it's down to people holding out because of a comma in the wrong place or a moral objection to various aspects of intellectual property law.
> I don't really see how a group of people complaining about things in the CTs or ODbL (some of which are moral objections, some are technical objection) is really that different from a group of people complaining that CC-BY-SA isn't suitable. I think about all we can say is that not everyone agrees, and people also have different opinions on how many people are in each camp.
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