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Fri Jul 8 10:06:46 BST 2011

Don't know how I can reply to someone who explicitly declares they don't want to change their mind or debate.

In amongst the vitriol is perhaps a nugget that's worth responding to, this idea that somehow everyone on talk-au is 80n's puppet, is of course absurd.

Unless you prove this isn't just another puppet email account however, I have no reason to believe "all blokes" isn't just yet another email address for John smith, Anthony or friends are hiding behind.



On Jul 8, 2011, at 0:51, All Blokes <speed_13100 at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

> I have not had very much to say on this but I have been reading the posts fairly closely.
> I would not in any way presume to speak for any other Australians other than myself, but I object most strenuously to the implication that I have in some way been "perverted by 80n or any other person at all. when I first heard of the licence change and how it was being done I didnt like it .... I had not even read a post against it at that stage.... and I didn't post one either . I make my own mind up. 
> I'm just a dumb busted a*se bulldozer driver so Im sure you would be able to out debate me on this steve but mate winning the debate does not mean that you are right. 
> I'm not entering into a debate about the pros and cons of this licence against that licence. I don't want to have my mind changed. I've made it myself and if I change it I will do that myself too. I have not signed up for any other mapping group yet. Time is an issue for me at the moment and I figure I can wait and see what happens anyway. I'm sad to see that OSM has become what it is but I am not interested in being involved with the organisation as it currently is.
> I have not talked to anyone on the phone or in the pub about OSM or FOSM
> I think your time zone differences excuse is rubbish frankly. 
> I think your threat to "come out to Australia and debate this in the pub with 80n as if that would sway people frankly is pretentious.... like you think a lot of people care so much about your point of view to come??? Come on .... just pinch yourself as you read that, Steve so that you have a reality check.....   You definitely have your best Australian audience right now. If you care to come out you will be welcome but if you want to debate 80n this forum is your best chance and It does not appear, to me FWITW that you are doing so well at making your points against him. 
>  Like I said I'm not some great orator and I'm not even very experienced about OSM  but I don't like the way it has been taken or where it has gone to. 
> Regards,
> Paul.
> "You've been very successful at perverting certain sections of the 
> community, Australia being a good example as the checks and balances of 
> normal community communication are harder because of the timezone 
> differences and costs of flying. Essentially, people in Australia don't 
> get to hear from the rest of us on the phone or in the pub and we let 
> you spam the lists for a long time. So to an outsider it can look like 
> you're this rational guy who used to be on the board and so on. I've 
> heard about the various conspiracy theories you've been peddling 
> personally off-list too."
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