[talk-au] [OSM-talk] Hitting reset on talk-au

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Mon Jul 11 11:32:56 BST 2011

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> Maybe you have a better option?
Yes. Do nothing.  Invariably these things settle down after a few days, and 
any knee jerk reaction is likely to be overkill.  If people don't want to 
subscribe to talk-au they don't have to, so its not something that's likely 
to me a main concern of the majority of people on the main talk list.

> Either way, this is an ugly bridge to cross. We need to do something to 
> make it clear this is not how things work in OSM.

I think you have just made it clear.

>We need to make the message heard that this is not normal, this is not the 
>reputation we want to be known by and we won't let it be this way.

I think you might be giving undue prominence to the postings on talk-au.  At 
the end of the day our reputation will be based on the quality of our data, 
the ease of use of contributing, and the ease of use of using our data, 
rather than a few days worth of postings to a country specific email list.



> Steve

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