[talk-au] Going separate ways

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Mon Jul 11 14:37:37 BST 2011

Anyway, I think what Richard is trying to say is this:

1) Create osm-without-australia.osm by removing australia from the
OSMF database.
2) Create fosm-australia-only.osm by removing everything but australia
from the FOSM database (for both of these extracts, use a boundary
definition that's PD.
3) Make a zip file planet-combined.zip with the two files.  *That*
would be a collective database.
4) Render tiles from osm-without-australia.osm and make them CC-BY-SA. (*)
5) Render tiles from fosm-australia-only.osm and make them CC-BY-SA.
6) Delete tiles so that remaining tiles in australia come from 5, and
remaining tiles outside of australia come from 4.  For tiles which
overlap (mostly water and zoomed out tiles), pick one (randomly, from
one or the other, based on whether it is geographically more in/out of
Australia, based on which tile contains more elements, whatever).

(*) I'm not 100% sure 4 is allowed by the ODbL.  But most people claim it is.

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