[talk-au] Bring all hats!

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 02:55:30 BST 2011

Hi Steve,

Yes, I've got my tickets to SOTM and I hope you bring all your hats with
In my spare time I develop some specialised applications for various
sports/pastimes and I think OSM can be useful for some of these.
I develop in Basic4PPC but the creators of this product can't make it work
with Windows Phone 7.  I'd like to upgrade my phones from Windows mobile 6.5
but won't until I can run the stuff I've already written and can develop new
programs with Basic4ppc.

There are already some useful BASIC4ppc programs that download OSM data and
display in real time on a gps unit.
Really usefull for mapping new areas (to see what has already been mapped

I'll talk to you at Denver about this and some other matters where I think
Bing and OSM can be really usefull in Australia.

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