[talk-au] Splitting ways with ABS data, and the new OSM terms

Mark Pulley mrpulley at lizzy.com.au
Sat Mar 12 12:10:36 GMT 2011

As no-one has answered this question yet, I thought I'd better re-ask  
the question, as it will determine whether I can agree to the new  
terms or not.

On 23/02/2011, at 4:27 PM, Mark Pulley wrote:
> Quoting Andrew Laughton <laughton.andrew at gmail.com>:
>> Anybody who has used "nearmap" or Government data sources for their  
>> mapping
>> therefore cannot agree to the new terms, and all of their data is  
>> going to
>> be removed on 1st April 2011.
> Presumably most of the current ABS data will disappear automatically  
> (as a special user account was set up for the original uploading)  
> but what happens if any of these ways are split? For example, if I  
> split a way because part of the way follows a river, the new way  
> will be counted as being created by myself, so if I agree to the  
> terms, would I then need to delete them separately? (or go through  
> all my edits to allow only some of them to be accepted?) Or am I  
> prevented from agreeing to the new terms because I have split ABS  
> ways?

Mark P.

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