[talk-au] ODbL data.gov.au permission granted

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Wed Nov 16 11:04:10 GMT 2011

On 15/11/2011 22:38, Andrew Laughton wrote:
>     Yahoo granted permission for us to trace from their imagery.  yahoo
>     imagery was available in josm and potlatch for quite some time.  So
>     I'd expect that your tracing of yahoo imagery is fine unless I
>     misunderstand what you did.
> I knew it was fine at the time, while it licensed by CC-by-SA or CC-by.
> I did not know it was OK by them to also publish it under a ODbL license.
> This is why I thought both government data and traced data needed to 
> be removed because of this license change.
> So just to be clear, Nearmap are OK with CC-by-SA, but not with ODbL 
> after a certain date ?

Anything traced before 18th June 2011 is fine under both CC-by-SA and 
ODbL.  This remains true if you accept the new contributor terms.

Nearmap's commercial concerns are with the contributor terms rather than 
the licenses.  Ben Last's statement on behalf of Nearmap can be found here:


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