[talk-au] A way to go

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 07:23:30 GMT 2011

Ian wrote
"I started a thread on talk a while ago about how to handle this situation,
but it went nowhere, with the thread (as usual) hijacked to talk about
licencing issues unrelated to the practicality of implementation.


My suggestion was a mod to the API to allow an earlier version of an object
to be modified and saved back the database, essentially ignoring or hiding
an intermediate version where there intermediate version contained nonCT


I agree that the ability to edit an arbitary version would be very usefull.
I assume that if I edited
version x then version x+1 x+2 etc... would disappear immediately.

However before any editing can be usefully done, I believe that the
maxspeed bots must be completely removed
(or be reassigned to acceptor userids).  Only then can we see which areas
of Australia need to be remapped
or retraced.

Does anyone know if the DWG are working on this or should I email someone
(who??) to request this.
Only the DWG have the access necessary to weed out the maxspeed bots
effects from the database
and the histories without affecting edits on either side (chronologically).

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