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Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Mon Nov 28 14:04:48 GMT 2011

Ok lets look at one intersection:


This will open in potlatch 2 or you can view it here on the map:


ways 136173430, 13673431, 13673419, 13673432

These are not separate ways, they are lanes within the main way.  If 
they were ways then they are not two way streets.  Someone who is not 
from Australia (eg USA where they drive on the opposite side of the 
road) who was to follow this would end up facing on coming traffic on 
the wrong side of the road.  They have intersections with other ways 
without intersection nodes.

You complain about the chunkiness and messiness of the current data yet 
the information you have entered aside from being totally incorrect is 
absolutly useless to any body.  Try looking at these intersections on a 
small garmin gps screen and then try to navigate through them.

The problems you point out below are not data problems they are 
rendering issues and you are mapping incorrectly for the renderer.  If 
you want these to display differently then modify the renderer don't put 
in incorrect data.

These do not reflect reality as currently there, remember it is a map 
not a photorealistic representation of what is on the ground.  If you 
want photorealistic representation then use nearmap or bing or google.



On 28/11/11 21:12, Supt_of_Printing wrote:
> Hi Rosscoe,
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> Well if someone can explain to me what is actually wrong with smoothing out the chunky jagged curves on intersections, the useless street names on slip lanes, etc., the useless over-abundance of directional arrows for every little bit of the intersection where the direction is quite obvious (making the intersection look messy), crossovers in median strips matching the intersecting roads rather than the road it is actually in, etc., etc., etc., I may get it! But surely the aim is to give a professional and clear non-confusing look to the roads on the finished product rather than how it looks on the potlatch editing mode. I would rather the editing mode looks like a bit of a dog's breakfast so that the finished product doesn't!
> And yes, I have read the thread on intersections. Perhaps someone can point me to the rules that says"there should only be two through carriage ways in both directions and the slip ways at the sides" as this doesn't reflect reality, as there is not two through carriage ways with a big square"island" in the centre of the intersection on the ground.
> I will continue to edit to get the roads and intersections to look professional, reflecting reality, rather than the confusing, chunky rendering with an over-abundance of arrows and street names that I so often come across.
> Supt_of_Printing
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