[talk-au] [OpenStreetMap] intersections

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Tue Nov 29 02:54:53 GMT 2011

Supt_of_Printing wrote:
> Well if someone can explain to me what is actually wrong with
> smoothing out the chunky jagged curves on intersections, the useless
> street names on slip lanes, etc., the useless over-abundance of
> directional arrows for every little bit of the intersection where the
> direction is quite obvious (making the intersection look messy),
> crossovers in median strips matching the intersecting roads rather
> than the road it is actually in, etc., etc., etc., I may get it! But
> surely the aim is to give a professional and clear non-confusing
> look to the roads on the finished product rather than how it looks on
> the potlatch editing mode. I would rather the editing mode looks like
> a bit of a dog's breakfast so that the finished product doesn't!

We are making topographical and routable maps here, not knitting or
crocheting.  Routing software in particular requires simple common-sense
rules about interconnections and direction of flow.  Just basic
functionality like having a GPS tell you which exit number to take
(relative to your entry point) won't work on roundabouts you've made
look nice.

> I will continue to edit to get the roads and intersections to look
> professional, reflecting reality, rather than the confusing, chunky
> rendering with an over-abundance of arrows and street names that I so
>  often come across.

I for one don't want an OSM which looks pretty, but is useless!  The
reality we seek is utilitarian, not just aesthetic.

John H

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