[talk-au] Missing streets in Sydney

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 03:31:22 BST 2011

Someone wrote
"Yep. A one-way street mapped as a two-way street is better than nothing."

To me this statement absoluetly defines the difference between people who
just want to see lots of lines on the map and people who want to actually
use the map for navigation.

Many moons ago I was driving on the 17 mile drive, trying to get to a golf
course for a round.  I accidently took a wrong turn and then the pathetic
Teleatlas maps tried to get me to turn up one way streets the wrong way,
eight times in a row. I just turned off the unit and navigated by the sun
(which is hard for us Aussies in the Northern Hemisphere).
This experience (plus some others with the substandard sensis maps)
convinced me that we really need up-to-date ACCURATE maps which  match

In Canberra I think I've fixed up all the one way streets that were not so

When up in Queansland, I was on a left handed golf tour and on the way home
the bus driver, at one of the stops, admitted he was new to the job and
didn't know the way to the next hotel.  Of course I was capturing gps traces
at the time so I told him  "just turn left into Smith street and then take
the next right at the T junction. Unfortunately I was using sensis mapping
and when we got to the right turn, there was a "no right turn sign". The
whole bus laughed a lot at this useless computer technonoly and the bus
driver in frustration just turned right anyway, nearly taking out the sign
and a few pedestrians as well.

There are so many other examples where "near enough is good enough" maps are
just so dangerous but time does fix most things and eventually the planet
will be surveyed properly and we  will have usefull maps.  I think 10 years
may see Australia with good mapping.
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