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On 6 September 2011 14:10, Liz <edodd at billiau.net> wrote:

>  according to my personal knowledge, it has run between Adelaide and
> Sydney via Melbourne for decades.
Hi Liz,

This is fine and good, and common knowledge.  However, when you start
looking at the road at the micro-level on the ground, it ain't that simple.
The original route designated during the Prince's visit isn't easy to
identify, having been many decades since his visit.  Since then towns have
been bypassed, roads have been renamed, realigned, opened and closed.

The RTA in NSW has an internal route that they call the Princes Highway -
which is essentially the main road heading south along the coast (give or
take).  They nominate this route because it is the one they maintain as a
state govt road with state funding.  The only problem is, the the route they
designate often doesn't follow the road named the Princes Highway, like the
section from Bellambi to Fairy Meadow where the RTA route called the Princes
Highway follows the Northern Distributor, rather than the Princes Highway.

The situation gets even worse in Victoria where you have some isolated
sections of the Princes Highway running parallel to the Princes Freeway,
The Princes Highway named sections don't form a through route.

Other towns have a bypass route and through-town route - neither of which
are called the Princes Highway.  Which to choose?

But the "ref" number does not equal the Princes Highway.


What I'm talking about here is a "route" relation.  I'm arguing that we
don't need a named route relation called the Princes Highway.

We should call the roads involved what they are called using the name tag on
the roads.  We should use the appropriate numerical route designators as
they apply for the route descriptors, either using the ref tag, or a route
relation.  If people see the need to link the Princes Highway named sections
as a common street using the appropriate relations for that purpose, then

Do you agree?

It seems the Princes Highway can mean different things to different people,
and unlike the route and highway numbers, we don't have a fixed reference

Route 1 is "Cairns to Darwin via coast", and was signposted thus in the
> 60s.

Yeah.  National Route 1 is groovy, man.

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