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Ian Sergeant inas66 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 07:31:38 BST 2011

On 7 September 2011 15:53, John Smith <deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 7 September 2011 15:49, Ian Sergeant <inas66 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I write " I just have something against this relation, because it is
> > arbitrary and confusing"
> >
> > and you write "So your entire argument is that we should delete the whole
> > route because it isn't contiguous?"
> Most routes are arbitrary and confusing, you only have to look at
> rural/regional highways going through medium sized towns, this goes
> doubly so for tourism routes and is again a very good reason for
> having routes, rather than removing them.
But these fall into your category of discovery and gathering knowledge,
which is fine.  We know the route exists, we just don't know where it is.
One day we may find out, or not.  Until then, we gather the knowledge we
have and add it.

The problem usually stems from differences at how the way is gazetted
> to how the way is actually built, and for what ever reason the
> gazetted version then isn't updated is another argument altogether.

In your examples, maybe.

In my example, this certainly isn't the case.  The issues are clear.  We are
talking about a mass renaming that happened in the 1920s, followed by 90
subsequent years of development.

The Princes Highway is an historical curiosity, and internal name management
name assigned by the NSW roads authority, and the name of a bunch of roads
between Sydney and Adelaide.

It isn't a route any longer.

I'm sure people say they are going to drive the Princes Highway from Sydney
to Melbourne, but you can never pin it down to actual set of roads.  They
just mean they are driving down the coast, as opposed to the Hume.  It is a
useful turn of phrase, but it is a mapping anachronism.

As I said, I'll leave it be, but the chance that this will be developed into
something meaningful, is zip.

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