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Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 12:18:44 BST 2012

Thanks Grant!

The cloud cover is a shame. Regarding your comments on removing it, how
much overlap (therefore choice) is there of the source images? Would
this overlay (if any) mostly occur at the zone boundaries?

Some nice photos of outback Australia there too.

On 06/08/12 03:04, Grant Slater wrote:
> Talk-AU,
> I have updated the http://agri.openstreetmap.org/ imagery. JOSM and
> Potlatch2 both imagery presets.
> 1) Fixed the black strip/blob issue at the overlap regions.
> 2) Improved the projection accuracy. (epsg:32749 to 32756)
> 3) Speed improvement. (Fixed double projection bug and needless resampling)
> The imagery took 2 weeks to process after a number of false starts.
> Download:
> AGRI technical report + Legal + Control point photos are available here:
> http://agri.openstreetmap.org/download/ (also
> rsync://faffy.osm.org/agri_extra/ )
> Example control photo:
> http://agri.openstreetmap.org/download/AGRI_GCP/Ancillary_data/Zone_52_Middle/Photographs/57406502_N_photo.jpg
> I would appreciate help converting the ArcGIS database to a shapefile
> or similar:
> http://agri.openstreetmap.org/download/AGRI_GCP/AGRI_GCP.gdb/
> (download all files here:
> http://agri.openstreetmap.org/download/AGRI_GCP/temp-AGRI_GCP.zip )
> I believe the DB was created with ArcGIS 9.x. Seems gdal/ogr is only
> able to handle v10 databases.
> The compressed (lossless) imagery files and MapServer file are
> available for download here: rsync://faffy.osm.org/agri_imagery/
> The *.tif.ovr are lossy overview files can be rebuilt locally by using
> the gdaladdo command below. Please be restrained in downloading the
> files, 1.2TB will take a long time. I'd appreciate a heads-up email
> prior to anyone downloading the imagery.
> Technical:
> 1) I reprocessed all the imagery from the source 2.8TB of ENVI rasters
> to 1.2TB of GeoTIFF (BigTIFF, lossless DEFLATE z9):
> 2) Built gdaladdo JPEG overviews.
> gdal commands used:
>  gdal_translate -of GTiff -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE -co PREDICTOR=2 -co
> TFW=YES -co BIGTIFF=YES -a_srs epsg:32755 PRISM_UTM55 PRISM_UTM55.tif
>  gdaladdo -ro --config COMPRESS_OVERVIEW JPEG --config
> GDAL_TIFF_OVR_BLOCKSIZE 512 -r gauss PRISM_UTM55.tif 2 4 8 16 32 64
> 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 8192
> Future:
> The server should be upgraded in the next 2 weeks. I currently do not
> have any future plans on reprocessing the imagery further. Others may
> wish to look at how to selectively choose the best imagery where there
> is a region overlap to reduce the cloud cover.
> Any questions? Happy to assist others in getting imagery online.
> Regards
>  Grant

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