[talk-au] Improved AGRI Imagery Online

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Tue Aug 7 13:54:20 BST 2012

On 6 August 2012 12:18, Andrew Harvey <andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Grant!
> The cloud cover is a shame. Regarding your comments on removing it, how
> much overlap (therefore choice) is there of the source images? Would
> this overlay (if any) mostly occur at the zone boundaries?

Currently the 7 zones are stacked left to right.
I quickly hacked up a right to left stack:
tms url is: http://a.agri.openstreetmap.org/rtl/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

There are a few regions which are better but not a huge amounts. Some
regions better, some worse.

> Some nice photos of outback Australia there too.

I received help converting the ground control database from ArcGIS
File Geodatabase to CSV:
 CSV is here: http://agri.openstreetmap.org/download/AGRI_GCP/AGRI_GCP.gdb.csv

The first column + Folder column link to the photos/sketches here:
 Example Photo:
 Example Sketch:

Maybe someone wants to create a OpenLayers webapp with the
photo/sketches geolocated using the above CSV? Or maybe adding EXIF
Geo data to the images?

My next task is working on the South African 0.5m colour imagery I
received from the "Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial
Information" (South African national mapping agency).
Maybe GeoScience Australia has similar imagery?


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