[talk-au] maxspeed - best practice?

Ben Johnson tangararama at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 06:30:51 BST 2012

In regards to residential areas - I remember last year there was some  
talk about the bot that added "50" with the (incorrect)  
"maxspeed:source" key = "default residential speed limit in  
Australia"  and I think there was consensus in the local community  
that this was a mistake.

With remapping some of my local areas, I'm now curious what's best  
practice in Australia is for tagging maxspeed on residential streets.  

a) is it even necessary or desirable to explicitly define maxspeed for  
every residential way - or should we just presume any  
highway=residential is maxspeed=50, unless otherwise stated?

b) if presumptions do exist, should 50 zones on tertiary and  
unclassified ways be explictly tagged ?

c) if tagging maxspeed on every street, in respect to source... does a  
simple source:maxspeed=sign suffice for the "general area" or only for  
the specific way on which the sign is placed?  I notice these  
residential 50 speed signs are often on tertiary streets, or gateway  
points into general residential areas.  Side-streets obviously share  
the 50 limit, but are mostly not signposted. Do we need a new standard  
source value like source:maxspeed=implied for the side streets ?

Sorry if I'm re-covering old ground - I'm just not sure where it was  
left... if anywhere!

Thanks in advance.. BJ

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