[talk-au] Fixing relations in Canberra

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 13:27:44 BST 2012

Ok - I've just driven 23 and 52 and Alt 23  (well not the entire lengths of

Southbound 23 (the signs never say NR or NH, just 23 in a shield) comes
down Commonwealth Avenue swings left into Capital Circle (not State Circle)
then onto Canberra Avenue. At Monaro Highway it turns right and heads off
down to Cooma.  Going back the other way it comes up Monaro, left into
Canberra Ave, then right into State Circle and then swings left up the ramp
onto Commonwealth Ave and then on to Yass.

Alt 23 carries on from 23 at the junction with Canberra Ave and then up the
remants of Dairy Road and a bit of Morshead Drive, right onto Faitbairn
Avenue and left into Majura Road and then joins 23 at junction with Horse
Park Drive.

Now Highway 52 Eastbounds.  The first sign I could find (and I looked
around for an hour) was at the roundabout at Lanyon Drive. There was a sign
with a 90% obscured "52" about 100 yards west of the roundabout but nothing
further westwards although


states that 52 starts at Monaro Highway.

I'd be inclined to put that bit of Highway 52 into the relation since it
makes sense anyway.

PS while I was driving back and forth, looking for signs, a new bit of road
was opened as I drove through.  Still until the licence change is complete
I'm not about to add any new stuff.

Another puzzle (tagging wise) is that travelling eastwards on 23 at
Fyshwick, Ipswich Street is signed as ALT 23 although you don't really get
onto to the real Alt 23 until you turn left into Newcastle Street and
finally right, on to Monaro Highway.

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