[talk-au] School Zones

Ben Johnson tangararama at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 18:18:56 BST 2012

Hi all,

Just some thoughts about tagging maxspeed in school zones. 

The common method I've seen to tag a school zone in parts of Sydney is [restriction = school_zone], in combination with the normal maxspeed tag (as the unrestricted speed).

There is a proposal (extended conditions for access tags) where we could specify times for lower speeds like this...

maxspeed:(Mo-Fr 08:00-09:30,14:30-16:00; PH off; SH off) = 40

A couple of disadvantages I see for this method - 
a) there's no mention of "School Zone", so future navigational applications could not display a "School Zone" alert message which may be desirable.
b) the format throws up warnings in JOSM and OSM Inspector and there are many objections in the proposal about using values and conditions within a key.

I asked about this on help - see http://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/15399/how-to-tag-a-time-based-maxspeed-for-school-zone

The main points I got from the answer are - 
a) no tools will currently parse this information - it will be ignored.
b) the proposed tag can be used - it contains useful human-readable information... and we can reformat at some future date to conform with an approved method.

So... with the prospect of re-editing, and the uncertainty of the maxspeed:(condition) proposal, this has lead me full-circle back to thinking the simple [restriction = school_zone] tag is the most effective method to mark a school zone for later refinement. We could include the extended information (e.g. operational times and days) as either a [note = ...] (notes are not displayed to end users), or even a [description = ...] (descriptions are potentially displayed to end users as text hints/guides).

Does anyone else have thoughts about school zones? I'm particularly interested in whether we can come up with a method that is appropriate for all states.


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