[talk-au] redaction cleanup - unusual water feature

Michael Krämer ohrosm at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 19:46:23 BST 2012

Am 24.08.2012 20:21, schrieb Chris Barham:
> Hi,
> If you look at Bing imagery for this location it is composed of some sort
> of inland harbour/marina/coastline/water feature which had previously been
> mapped (rather elegantly too by the look of it), from Nearmap as source.
>   Post redaction there are the outline nodes left,and I'm was wondering how
> to go about reinstating this coastline/water?  Join up the existing nodes?
>   Start again?  What tags?

I would re-use the existing nodes. Regarding tagging I was about to 
suggest natural=water but then I did some reading in the wiki. So I 
think natural=coastline is the right thing to use.

There's a similar structure a bit south which is tagged as 
waterway=riverbank - I don't think that's a good idea.


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