[talk-au] Bulk up load of data from Tasmanian Parks

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Sun Aug 26 12:30:21 BST 2012


As some might have noticed I am madly loading up off road data of walking tracks and geographical features of Tasmania along with the roads to get there.  For some reason the redaction hit remote roads rather hard but gradually rebuilding stuff and noticed the Herculean efforts of others in that regards.  

Also I am rather active poster on a bushwalking forum with a few, if rather too many strong opinions, with availability of mapping data being one, but this can have good effect.  A fellow forum member turns out to be a GIS knowledgeable employee of Parks and Wildlife Tasmanian and is happy to upload Parks database of information.  The issue he has is what is the best way.  A bulk upload make sense for him but as I have noticed that this can have issues.  I am more than happy to pitch in and do the hard yards or is it metres nowadays.  Make a pleasant change from drawing in lakes from Bing when I have run out of tracks to upload.

Can the administrators please step forward so a can put him in touch.  He comes across as a person that wants to get the best information out there, subject to the usual constraints imposed by the "sensitive" nature of some data that Parks is unwilling to share to avoid environmental damage to "protected" areas.  It would be wonderful if OSM Australia/Tasmania could have the same level of detail as England.

I have been ground truthing the data and using OSM Australia Garmin download files (cycle maps being great for the zoom level of peaks but poor on walking tracks zoom level as limited to maximum of 300 metres) on my Garmin 62s.  It is amazing in winter with a layer of snow wandering tracks with remarkable accuracy that I have created from the average of several traces.  Friend was amazed when I said "twenty metres" left and sure enough there was the marker.  Ok, given the GPS accuracy limitations I was a bit lucky but honestly I have found the Garmin 62s pretty spot on as with Bing at the highest zoom level.  The worst difference I have found is about ten metres.  More than good enough for most mapping purposes but I am for some strange reason driven to do better.  I have notice when testing GPSs that some are consistently 10 metres out for some strange reason with Holux being the main one.

Anyway looking forward to touching bases with the site administrators for Australia/Tasmania and as said happy to put in to get the job done.

Cheers Brett
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