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> Also I am rather active poster on a bushwalking forum with a few, if
rather too many strong opinions, with availability of mapping data being
one, but this can have good effect.

It is an interesting issue.  Military bases and nuclear facilities are
often fully mapped in OSM, but often the location of many Aboriginal
carvings and sensitive areas etc, are not.

> A fellow forum member turns out to be a GIS knowledgeable employee of
Parks and Wildlife Tasmanian and is happy to upload Parks database of
information.  The issue he has is what is the best way.  A bulk upload make
sense for him but as I have noticed that this can have issues.  I am more
than happy to pitch in and do the hard yards or is it metres nowadays.
Make a pleasant change from drawing in lakes from Bing when I have run out
of tracks to upload.

First issue is the licencing.  Who owns the data?  Is the owner willing to
release the data unconditionally?

Your colleague may need to ask his employer to ensure they have the rights
to all their data, and can release it to us.  If we can jump that hurdle
the next step is to look at the data.

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