[talk-au] Bulk up load of data from Tasmanian Parks

Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 10:33:54 BST 2012

On 26/08/12 21:30, Brett Russell wrote:
> Hi
> As some might have noticed I am madly loading up off road data of
> walking tracks and geographical features of Tasmania along with the
> roads to get there.  For some reason the redaction hit remote roads
> rather hard but gradually rebuilding stuff and noticed the Herculean
> efforts of others in that regards.
> Also I am rather active poster on a bushwalking forum with a few, if
> rather too many strong opinions, with availability of mapping data
> being one, but this can have good effect.  A fellow forum member
> turns out to be a GIS knowledgeable employee of Parks and Wildlife
> Tasmanian and is happy to upload Parks database of information.  The
> issue he has is what is the best way.  A bulk upload make sense for
> him but as I have noticed that this can have issues.  I am more than
> happy to pitch in and do the hard yards or is it metres nowadays.
> Make a pleasant change from drawing in lakes from Bing when I have
> run out of tracks to upload.

It would be best if they could upload their data with a free license
directly to their website http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/, or perhaps
send/interact directly with the community on this list.

> Can the administrators please step forward so a can put him in touch.
> He comes across as a person that wants to get the best information
> out there, subject to the usual constraints imposed by the
> "sensitive" nature of some data that Parks is unwilling to share to
> avoid environmental damage to "protected" areas.  It would be
> wonderful if OSM Australia/Tasmania could have the same level of
> detail as England.
> I have been ground truthing the data and using OSM Australia Garmin
> download files (cycle maps being great for the zoom level of peaks
> but poor on walking tracks zoom level as limited to maximum of 300
> metres) on my Garmin 62s.  It is amazing in winter with a layer of
> snow wandering tracks with remarkable accuracy that I have created
> from the average of several traces.  Friend was amazed when I said
> "twenty metres" left and sure enough there was the marker.  Ok, given
> the GPS accuracy limitations I was a bit lucky but honestly I have
> found the Garmin 62s pretty spot on as with Bing at the highest zoom
> level.  The worst difference I have found is about ten metres.  More
> than good enough for most mapping purposes but I am for some strange
> reason driven to do better.  I have notice when testing GPSs that
> some are consistently 10 metres out for some strange reason with
> Holux being the main one.
> Anyway looking forward to touching bases with the site administrators
> for Australia/Tasmania and as said happy to put in to get the job
> done.

OSM has no concept of "site administrators for Australia/Tasmania". For
discussion on potential imports of free (free as in freedom, not zero
cost), this list is the best place.

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