[talk-au] import of state borders?

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 13:13:49 BST 2012

Leon wrote

"Was looking at Victoria/Tasmania border and I have a feeling it's not
quite right in OSM."

Hi Leon,

Yes, embarrasingly I've put the border on the wrong Island.

In my defence - the 39.2 latitude passess about 160 metres south of
Boundary Islet according to both Bing and Google imagery. Wiki even states
the Latitude as 39 11' 55" instead of the correct 39 12' in order to make
the border cross the land.

All the imageries must be wrong. I've just moved the border on to the
correct Island which is now mapped but it is still in the wrong position.

Interestingly OSM renderiings still don't have the slightly improved
outline of the original "Boundary Islet" that I edited in four days ago.
This is all very strange, I'm not sure what to do since I can't easily get
out there with a GPS unit.

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