[talk-au] import of state borders?

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 11:48:46 BST 2012

Ok - I have put the VIC/TAS border back to the correct latitude and "moved"
Boundary Islet down to straddle it.

Since I have no way of knowing where the border is, in relation to
the island, I have given Victoria four times as much of it as Tasmania (in
relation to their relative areas).
I'm hoping now, that some Tasmanian OSMer will disagree with this and
organise a mapping party out on the rock to find exactly where the Islet is
and how much each state gets.

We could send out another boat from Melbourne and meet there. If it is not
possible/allowable to land, we would need to find out a way to accurately
map the island from the sea.

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