[talk-au] National borders (was: import of state borders?)

Paul HAYDON cadmanager at live.com.au
Fri Aug 31 02:48:05 BST 2012

Hi guys,
Not sure if this will be of any help - but it can't hurt, right?
I've recently used Quantum GIS (QGIS) to create a region about my GPS routes so as to capture the fuel stops (for example, within 10km of my chosen path).  I would think if someone could establish the coastline as a perimeter, then it could be generated by the same means.
I'm not sure what distance the territorial waters go to, but undoubtedly there's somebody more knowledgable than myself on this forum.  QGIS can read OSM files, although I should think it easier to use .shp if available.  Perhaps even start with one of the less detailed datasets available freely (ie. smaller scale) in order to get the information out there (presumably the boundary is more important with some inaccuracies than not existing at all - otherwise we become a part of N.Z.!!!).
Anyway, I'd be happy to collaborate on this if you think it will help.

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> 2012/8/30 Ian Sergeant <inas66+osm at gmail.com>
> > It looks like we've finished the NSW/Victoria border. There are
> > probably a couple of bits I'll go back to and touch up, but otherwise
> > looking good.
> >
> Yes, I think now all land borders are completely mapped. Nice piece of work.
> > So, what's next to complete the national/state borders?
> >
> Good question, I would probably start with the national border. These
> maritime boundaries are rather messy, just have a look at the yellow line
> and the brown area in [1] or read the description there.
> For this I see two different methods:
> (a) Do the pure-OSM approach by deriving everything from the coastline with
> some guessing for the straight segments.
> (b) Try to get permission to use the official data [3]
> Here I would definetly favor (b) - simply because to me the only accurate
> definition of the baseline is the official one. But of course I don't know
> at all if there is a chance to get the permission to use the data in OSM.
> If this doesn't work we would have to work on using the coastline, somehow
> generate a baseline, and from there calculate the territorial waters. The
> piece looking most diffcult to me would be to generate the baseline, given
> the topography of Australia's coastline and/or looking at [1].
> Any thoughts or suggestions are highly welcome!
> Michael
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