[talk-au] Misaligned streets OSM or Bing wrong? - use survey mark?

Russell Edwards russell2pi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 23:11:50 BST 2012

Hello -- brand new user here, please be patient :).

I am trying to improve OSM in my home town. I notice that many/most OSM
ways are approx 5-10 m west of where Bing has them.

Most either have nearmap or nothing as a source. There are no GPS tracks to
download. I could make some but they're usually in (random) error by about
the same amount anyway.

I tried to check against the coordinates given for a survey mark in town,
through http://services.land.vic.gov.au/maps/lassi.jsp (with conversion to
lat/lon with http://www.gracode.com/mapgrids.php ) ... this also had the
Bing map out by about 10 m... but southward!

Help! Three inconsistent systems - Bing, OSM and the survey mark. Which if
any should I trust at the 1-m level?

Is there a tool for averaging GPS tracks? There are roads I have run along
dozens of times with a GPS track for every run. Maybe with averaging it
could get to the 1m level of accuracy.

(Yeah yeah, don't sweat the small stuff... I just can't stand seeing
streets running through people's front gardens...)

Thanks in advance

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