[talk-au] Boundary removal.

Mark Pulley mrpulley at lizzy.com.au
Thu Feb 2 21:12:29 GMT 2012

On 02/02/2012, at 9:41 PM, Nick Hocking wrote:

> Does anyone know if there are old (August 2008) Australian
> OSM extracts available otherwise I'll start the planet download
> (only 5 gig !!!)

I don't have an OSM extracts, but there might be another way: undeleting the old ways.

At http://osm.mapki.com/history/relation.php?id=80370 is a list of all the ways for the South Australian border (replace the relation number for the other borders) including all the previously deleted borders. All(?!) you need to do is find at what date the borders were changed to the import borders, then undelete the ways that were deleted at this time.

Mark P.

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