[talk-au] Tagging guidelines, primary vs secondary?

Abhi Beckert abhibeckert at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 09:26:05 GMT 2012

I've read the tagging guidelines, and been following them where I live (far north qld), but for a few weeks I'm in the Brisbane area and I came across the "Summerland Way" in northern NSW, which is tagged as a primary road:


Basically it's a route that runs south from Brisbane, inland from the coastal Pacific Highway, going through a bunch of very small towns before joining onto the Pacific Highway about half way between Brisbane and Sydney. It's a well maintained, scenic road with a lot less traffic than many of the "secondary" roads around where I live.

Is it really a "primary" road?

Either it's tagged wrong, or I've miss-understood how the tags are supposed to be used, and need to re-tag a few roads around where I live.

- Abhi

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