[talk-au] [OSM Fork] Re: AGRI: 2.5m CC-BY Australian Satellite Imagery

Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 22:03:30 GMT 2012

On 22/02/12 00:34, Michael wrote:
> It seems to refer to this dataset:
> https://www.ga.gov.au/products/servlet/controller?event=GEOCAT_DETAILS&catno=71071
> I can't find a license notice, however. Given how little land cover is 
> currently mapped in the center of Australia (and how little of the forests 
> in southern WA), this dataset could fill a gap if the license was suitable.

Yep, I think a national landuse dataset derived by a program that can
change season to season is a perfect example of a dataset that is
combined with OSM data at render time, rather than merged into the osm

On 21/02/12 21:35, Grant Slater wrote:
> I am happy to help + host. I currently have a pet project helping with
> aerial imagery + out of copyright maps.
> The imagery is a fair bit of storage, but I'm sure I could work
something out.

Defiantly. The continental one is probably okay (that is compressed
though), but the others are quite large. Even if I bought it I don't
have the download quota to download it, or the web space to store it online.

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